Subject Name already exists in the ALPS database but with a different Level

As an example:
You may want to import the Subject Name ‘FAIRWAY FIELD’ with a Type/Level of ‘FIELD’.
In ALPS a Subject exists with the name ‘FAIRWAY FIELD’ but with a Type/Level of ‘PLATFORM’.
In this case the following Error message will be displayed:
Error: A Subject with this name already exists in the database with Level 'Platform'
To import the new record you will have to amend the Subject Name on the import data and create a Subject Alias.
In our example.
Re-name the Subject to (something like) ‘FAIRWAY FIELD (FIELD)’ with the type ‘FIELD’.
Create an Alias (Subject Alias tab on the Import template).
  • Enter ‘FAIRWAY FIELD (FIELD)’ as the Name
  • Enter ‘FIELD’ as the Subject Type
  • Enter ‘FAIRWAY FIELD’ (i.e. the name that pre-exists in ALPS) in the Subject field