Data Migrator v1.34.6.0 - Changed just 4 lines to the test questionnaire which failed to upload.

We have changed just 4 lines to the test questionnaire, we are able to upload the questionnaire. On validating the Migrator correctly shows that only 4 lines are to be migrated. However, when pressing the Import button we receive an error.
This is a bug in the way the Alps Data Migrator is attempting to update a Reinsured Line that already exists in ALPS. Install ALPS Data Migrator v1.34.8.0 to fix this issue.
There are two possible workarounds that you could use to avoid this issue:
  • You could delete the lines being updated from the ALPS database before importing the data from the spreadsheet.
  • You could change the cover type codes used in your ALPS database (to do this in the ALPS ALPS Portfolio Manager first click Settings->Database->Database Settings->Other and then clear the boxes containing H and L;
  • Then from the main screen again click Reference->Cover Types and then change the codes from H and L to something else such as Hull and Liab; then go back to Database Settings->Other screen and select the new Cover Type Codes from the drop down boxes).